4 Common Types of Pizza

1. New York-Style Pizza New York-style thin crust pizza is purposely made narrow so customers can fold a slice in half and eat it like a sandwich. The rule of thumb for New York-style thin crust pizzas is to keep everything sparse, including the thickness of the crust and portion of tomato sauce. Authentic New [...]

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Cater Your Next Party with Marozzi’s Pizzeria!

Let Marozzi's Pizza deliver on all your catering needs! Wherever and whenever there's a large or small crowd to feed, give us a call. Choose from an extensive selection of toppings on our hand-tossed, fresh (never frozen) original dough to create NY style pizzas and many other dishes that will please everyone. And don't forget [...]

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What’s the Best Cheese for Making Pizza?

Well, we all knew this, right? Now scientists have confirmed that the best pizze cheese is truly the one we've been eating for decades - mozzarella. Nothing beats original mozzarella for the way it melts with ease, the way it browns and gets bubbly on the pizza pie, and for the way it enhances the [...]

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Where Did Pizza Originate From?

The pizza as a flat bread can be linked to ancient times. The Ancient Egyptians were expert bread makers and remains of this type of bread can still be found in many tombs. Flat bread was also popular with the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. However, the modern pizza is inextricably linked to Italy where [...]

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What is a New York-style Pizza?

It’s a question we hear at least a few times a month. What exactly goes into a pie for it to be consider authentic “New York-style”, and how does it compare to the more common (and generic) big franchise pizza. As far as a comparison, each has their own personal taste for what they do [...]

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